Movie Review: “Confidential Assignment” Delivers Fun Dose Of Action, Comedy & Romance

 Movie Review: “Confidential Assignment” Delivers Fun Dose Of Action, Comedy & Romance

What do you get when both governments of the Korean Peninsula unite to catch a common threat? Let’s just say it involves tears, laughter, a sprinkle of romance, and unimaginable betrayal! Oh yes, CJ Entertainment‘s new movie  “Confidential Assignment” (“공조”) will have your heart racing, then have you keeled over from laughing pains within seconds.

“Confidential Assignment” is an action-comedy, based mostly in South Korea and centered around the common plot of putting differences aside to work together for the greater good. That “greater good” is capturing fugitive Cha Ki Sung after he and his men slaughtered a factory of workers and militia at a North Korean factory for printing and engraving currency. Cha steals the factory’s gold plates, which can be used to print authentic U.S. bills, and flees to a convention in South Korea in an effort to sell them for millions.

Lead character Im Chul-Ryung, played by Hallyu actor Hyun Bin, is the sole survivor of the attack, and is enlisted to help capture Cha, but naturally, he’s also motivated by his own aspirations of revenge. In an effort to make this a joint mission, Chul is partnered with South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae, played by Yu Hae Jin.

Although both are supposed to have a common goal, their governments have different outcomes in sight, making for some hilarious, but also gut-wrenching, trouble. Most of their antics and distrust leave the temporary partners in extremely sticky situations. Car explosions, bar fights, and a stabbing are just a few things that happen as a result. So rest assured adrenaline junkies, because there’s no shortage of action in this film!

While this is indeed an action movie, the comedy elements are just as prominent. Kang and his family are the comedic core that fuel “Confidential Assignment.” His sassy-mouthed wife So Yeon, played by actress Jang Young Nam, and his overly dependent sister-in-law Min Young, played by SNSD‘s Yoona, are the two leading ladies who, along with Kang, were the source of many outburst of laughter in my local theater. Let’s not forget his daughter YeonA, played by actress Park Min Ha, whose adorable and cheery demeanor helped eased the sometimes tense mood. They never told us if she got her iPhone though!

Notably, there weren’t many twists and turns, and while some revelations were surprising, the movie itself was fairly predictable. However, that’s not a negative thing at all! The action scenes kept you on your feet, and the mix of comedy was really refreshing. Personally, it had a mood that resembled that of “Rush Hour” (in a good way).

Writer Yoon Hyun Ho does a great job of transitioning between the movie’s serious and lighter moods. While the script probably isn’t one of the deepest things you’ll read, when it’s coupled with director Kim Sung Hoon‘s vision, “Confidential Assignment” surely came out as a gem of 2017! I’d wholeheartedly give this flick an 8/10. It could have been a nine if (SPOILER ALERT) Yoona had gotten her guy, but one can only hope things worked out in the end.

Honestly speaking, there’s much more to this movie that makes it a hit, and little that proves otherwise. My only complaints are more superficial annoyances than actual complaints. Like how Cha was seemingly bionic and just wouldn’t die (but that’s every bad guy in the history of films!). Or how, once again, Yoona and Hyun Bin didn’t end up together. However, I’ll just pretend they have a future! With that aside, it’s a great watch that surely won’t disappoint.

If you’ve seen it, let us know what you think, and tell us if we covered all the bases or not! What movies would you recommend? Also, was this helpful in helping you decide to see “Confidential Assignment” or not? The film is playing in theaters around the globe, so make sure to find it in your local theater!

Check out the trailer below!

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  • it sounds really good! I hope it’s still playin!

  • Omg! I saw this movie in theaters and everything you said was so true! I have fallen in love with hyun bin! This movie kept me on the edge of my seat for sure! Great review! ❤️

  • This review was very engaging. I will make a note to go see this movie!

  • I agree with casey, this review was very enlightening.

  • Thanks guys for taking the time to read my article and giving feedback! Make sure you check out other great features on the site!

  • I really liked it too, and I totally agree with the Rush Hour feels. It’s been a while since a movie made me laugh this hard 😂

  • I totally agree about Yoona and Hyun Bin! I was waiting for him to maybe give her a chance T.T.! It was more lacking in the romance department but I still really liked it. good review btw, I think it was a pretty good summary

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