WATCH: DAY6 Gets Sentimental Over Past Loves With “You Were Beautiful” MV

DAY6 has released their newest song and MV, “You Were Beautiful.”

The gorgeous song is an emotional and soaring pop-rock ballad. The lyrics are a guy’s bittersweet look back on a relationship, knowing that things are over, but still remembering how beautiful his girlfriend was during that time.

The music video perfectly portrays the lyrics, showing a women opening a random email entitled “You Were Beautiful.” In the attachment, she finds videos of their past relationship, where they were both smiling, happy, and in love. Despite the pain and regrets of the breakup, she is also able to look back at those memories and smile.

The MV stars Choi Woo Sik and Jang Hee Ryung as the former lovers and is a follow-up from the DAY6 MV “Congratulations.” Fans of the couple can be happy though— although their relationship hasn’t ended well in DAY6 videos, the couple has been cast opposite each other in the upcoming web drama “Some Guy.”

Check out the MV below!

Media: JYP Official

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