GOT7 Announces Comeback Via Teaser Video At Seoul Fan Meeting

GOT7 is getting ready to make their comeback!

On February 5th, the popular JYP Entertainment group held their final fan meeting in Seoul, bringing their lengthy fan meeting tour to a close. At the end of the evening, a “pre-trailer” begin to play on the screen. As the video died out, the words “Flight Log: Arrival” came across the screen to announce their comeback, followed by a date of March 2017.

This “Arrival” album will evidently close out the series from the GOT7 members. Flight Log: Departure was released in the spring of 2016, followed by Flight Log: Turbulence in the fall.

Thanks to the many Korean fans who filmed the video and shared it online, international fans can see the trailer as well! Check out one of those fan cams below! What do you think?

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