Block B Drops Adorable MV Teaser For “Yesterday”

 Block B Drops Adorable MV Teaser For “Yesterday”

Block B‘s new release is just around the corner!

On February 2nd, the popular group dropped the teaser for their upcoming track “Yesterday.” The short video shows the members looking adorable and down-to-earth as they hang out, play, and have fun. The teaser video was inspired by the opening credits of the classic American TV show “Friends.” The music, setting, and even props are all a nod to the show that took the world by storm in the mid-1990s.

The song is a new single and will come out on February 6th. This will be their first release since the immense success of their song “Toy” in April of 2016.

Are you excited for Block B’s new song?

Check out the teaser below.

Media: Seven Seasons

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