GOT7’s Youngjae Talks Possible Collaboration With Sanjoy And Elliott Yamin

 GOT7’s Youngjae Talks Possible Collaboration With Sanjoy And Elliott Yamin

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On January 27th, GOT7‘s Youngjae posted a screen shot of the lyrics from Sanjoy‘s song “OBVI,” featuring Elliot Yamin.

Surprisingly, the post caught the attention of the two California-based artists, and they commented under his post to express their excitement and wishes to meet and/or work with the GOT7 lead vocalist.

Some fans might remember that it was Elliott’s song, “Wait for You,” that Youngjae sang at his JYP audition, so this must be a huge deal for the GOT7 member!

Youngjae went on to invite both artists to their fan meeting in Los Angeles on Sunday night, to which Sanjoy responded and said he would love to attend! After seeing that Sanjoy wanted to make a “Youngjae Version” of the song “OBVI,” Youngjae even went so far as to tell them he was in K-town and hint they should meet up. I know if I was an LA iGot7, I’d be in the first Uber available to watch that epic meet-up go down!

It’s great to see the Kpop world becoming more and more intertwined with other genres! Let’s all stay tuned to see how things unfold tonight at GOT7’s last stop on the U.S. leg of their TURBULENCE World Tour! Will there be a special stage? Or even more exciting, will there be an official single in the near future!?!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below! In the meantime, check out the Sanjoy and Elliott Yamin’s song “OBVI” below!



Thanks to fans and the small world that is social media, Youngjae was able to meet one of his idols at tonight’s fan meeting! During their closing, he realized that Elliot and Sanjoy were attending, and gave them a shout out, to which the crowd went crazy! After being encouraged by fans and his members, Youngjae sang a little acapella version of Elliot’s song “Wait for You.” Through fan cams, you can see the excitement on both ends. After the show, all three artist gathered backstage so they could finally meet in person. They posed for a couple pictures on Instagram  commemorating the epic moment, which can be seen below. Also, on Sanjoy’s Instagram, there’s a video of the three singing a pice of “OBVI.” Is a full version going to follow? We sure hope so, because they sounded great together! This just goes to show the power that fans and the internet have! Let’s keep an eye out for that official collaboration or cover!

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