BEAST’s Doojoon Says He Would Never Encourage His Son To Be An Idol

 BEAST’s Doojoon Says He Would Never Encourage His Son To Be An Idol

On a recent episode of JTBC‘s show “Around The World Travel Package,” BEAST‘s Yoon Doojoon opened up about some of the struggles of being an idol.

Filling in for cast member Jung Hyung Don (who was absent due to a family problem), Doojoon traveled to Switzerland with popular host and MC Kim Sung Joo, comedian Kim Yong Man, and former soccer player and TV personality Ahn Jung Hwan.

During filming, the four celebrities took in the beautiful scenery of Switzerland as they chatted over a cup of coffee. The chat soon turned into a quiet time of sharing personal matters. Throughout the chat, Doojoon seemed reserved and unwilling to get too involved in the chat by sharing his own thoughts and opinions.

Kim Sung Joo quickly noticed the idol’s reserved behavior and attributed it to being unable to speak freely as an idol. He went on to comment that being an idol didn’t seem to be an easy job.

Upon hearing that, Doojoon went on to say that although it was difficult, he had never regretted his decision to become an idol. He even mentioned briefly the situation where BEAST left Cube Entertainment, saying that it was the first time in his career that he had ever felt scared. But when he was asked if he would like his future children to become idols as well, he quickly assured them that he would never make his son follow in his footsteps. The singer went on to say that being an idol is “a job that involves many other things than what meets the eye.”

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Media: Cube Entertainment

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