Rapper Kebee Tackles Stereotypes In “My Foreigner” MV

 Rapper Kebee Tackles Stereotypes In “My Foreigner” MV

Kebee has released a new MV entitled “My Foreigner.”

The song is a sweet ballad that talks about falling in love with a foreigner. The soft melody is a great combination with Kebee’s husky tones and smooth rap. Brother Su features in the video as well and adds the perfect touch to the chorus with his velvety vocals.

The video features two women— one from Japan and the other from France. The women are seen trying out Korean foods, learning Korean traditions, and attempting to break down cultural barriers by adapting to the Korean culture. The video seems to be an attempt to tackle stereotypes, both about foreigners in Korea and the Westernization of Korean youth. We see the male characters also changing in their dress, eating habits, and even hairstyles.

While the topic may seem innocent enough, the response has been very mixed. Some viewers think the MV is a cute attempt to show how couples from different cultures must adapt in order to overcome obstacles in their relationship. However, others feel like the video is demeaning and racist towards foreigners, playing up the stereotypes that foreigners don’t know anything about Korean culture. Others still think that the MV is presenting the idea of foreign women as some sort of fetish for Korean men who like to date foreigners simply because they are foreign, especially due to the stereotype of Western women being blonde and with blue eyes.

The lyrics of the chorus talk about being in a relationship with a foreigner, despite not being able to communicate. In addition, the chorus says simply, “Fall in fall in fall in, fall in fall in love. Foreign foreign foreign, foreign foreigner.”

Check out the MV below! What do you think of the concept and MV? What do you think Kebee is actually trying to say through this song?

Media: 1theK


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