Suho To Feature On SM STATION’s Next (And Final) Release

 Suho To Feature On SM STATION’s Next (And Final) Release

Suho is the next artist to feature on SM STATION!

On January 26th, SMTOWN released teaser images for the upcoming SM STATION release. The pictures showed the EXO leader looking dapper and handsome as he lounged about on set. The song will also feature the talented pianist and jazz musician Song Young Joo.

SM STATION is a special project that was started with the intention of releasing digital songs once a week for exactly one year. The songs are often collaborations with underappreciated artists or even foreign artists. Many of the songs have gone on to top charts, despite not being promoted and only being released as digital singles.

One of the teaser images for Suho’s upcoming release states that it is the “last release,” showing that the label is sticking to their promise of one year of releases, despite the success of the project and hopes it would go on longer. Now, fans are left hoping for a “season two” of the project.

The upcoming track, SM STATION’s 52nd release, is entitled “Curtain” and will drop on February 3rd on SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel.

Check out the teaser images below!


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