WATCH: Kim Hyun Joong Releases Touching Video And Letter To Fans

 WATCH: Kim Hyun Joong Releases Touching Video And Letter To Fans

Kim Hyun Joong has finally broken the silence to address his faithful fans in a moving, sweet video and letter.

The video starts off with the dates of his military enlistment and discharge date at the top of the screen, connected with a long, white line. Underneath, the word “White Hole” is written. As slow guitar music plays, we see the artist himself come out on screen, contemplating things as he looks out on the beautiful ocean scenery.

As the video progresses and the healing guitar sound continues, we see videos of the SS501 leader playing with his dog and walking alongside the water. Slowly, words began to play across the screen in a letter to fans:

“Hi. Long time no see. How are you? I have been wondering what to say. After a few days of pondering, I say hello. While overcoming those long and harsh days, I realized how vulnerable I am. Thanks to my family & friends whom I can rely on, I could hold [on] and felt thankful [for] my life. So, I just wanted to ask if you are good. How are you?  I’d like to talk about [those] stories with you face to face. Thanks everyone. Kim Hyun-Joong”

As the last few lines of the letter drift across the screen, we see the artist writing something in the sand. When he finishes. it spells out “HENECIA” (the name of his fans) and shows a drawing of their fan logo, a quirky alien in honor of the singer’s 4D personality.

In the description box under the video, the letter was translated into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English in an effort to thank those true fans who had never doubted him and stood by him, even enduring criticism themselves for their support of Kim Hyun Joong.

The touching video and letter comes as the end is in sight of the long legal battle with former girlfriend,”Ms. Choi.” After making a number of claims against the singer and actor, the public, who had previously adored him, turned against him harshly and left him relatively on his own as they believed her claims.

Now, evidence is showing that the singer isn’t quite the guilty person they all believed him to be. The civil case she filed against Mr. Kim was dismissed due to lack of evidence. Not only that, the court forced her to pay him damages since she had willfully sought to destroy his reputation without any viable evidence. Read about this original story HERE.

In the criminal court case, new evidence was found that proved almost all of the allegations she had made against him were complete fabrications and that she had manipulated evidence to try to backup her lies— all criminal actions. When this was found out from the court’s investigations, she was indicted on charges of slander/defamation and attempted fraud and will now have to stand her own criminal trial. Read more about this story HERE, and read the updated version, where even more of her lies were exposed, by clicking HERE.

Throughout the entire time, Kim Hyun Joong has kept quiet, partially due to the fact he is currently serving out his mandatory military service. But now that things are finally drawing to a close and the truth is coming out, now that the public is realizing how harshly they judged him and are apologizing for their actions, and now that his service is just about to draw to a close, he went ahead and made the decision to break the silence in order to speak to the people who hadn’t wavered or strayed from his side— his fans, his HENECIA.

Check out the emotional video below! What do you think about the whole situation?

Media: KIMHYUNJOONG Official Channel (YouTube)

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  • Beautiful words ! thank you so much for writing about this beautiful surprise~~

  • Thank you so much for sharing the great news to our Only One Kim Hyun Joong

  • Thank you to say the truth.

  • An honest article like this, with fair words has been long awaited, Thank you!

  • I knew in my heart of hearts that you innocent that’s why I never gave up on you

  • Wow so impressed with your sites articles on KHJ. Clear consis non Sensationalized occasional error but when error is pointed outvquuck to apologize and make corrections. Thank You for showing true jurnalistic character.

    • Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate it very much.

  • Thank you so much for the unbiased reporting. KHJ had to endure so much because of the hyperbole of other “media” outlets that it was heartbreaking to his fans. From the beginning the evidence against Choi was overwhelming, but haters only called us fans delusional. Now they can eat their words!

  • Thank you for allowing the truth about KHJ to be published. Many sites know of these things but are ignoring the truth and allowing their old articles to stand. This young man has stayed consistent in his side of the story and seems to have tried to deal honorably toward the dishonorable person who was seeking either his money and/or his downfall. He also managed to serve his country honorably during his assignment at the DMZ, even earning promotions along the way. He seems at peace in the video, if a little melancholy. I hope for him there is a bright future, with the career he wants restored and that there is a trustworthy and steady woman to love him and be loved by him. Again, thanks for publishing the truth and the sweet video.

  • I’m one of those who’s been fighting for him since that creature first accused him 😀 Such a beautiful video & message that he’s given us! It’s been a very frustrating and sad time, but the end is in sight. Throughout, KHJ has remained consistent and dignified, serving his country proudly. I’m excited for his comeback!

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