Court Discovers Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Lied About Pregnancy

 Court Discovers Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Lied About Pregnancy

The case between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend has taken a drastically different direction than what netizens were originally expecting!

In recent weeks, the artist’s ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi, has been losing face as the court has discovered she is guilty of several lies and criminal offenses. The prosecutor reversed his previous “no-charge” decision and brought charges against Ms. Choi for defamation and attempted fraud. During the course of the investigation, multiple things came to light about Ms. Choi and the claims she had brought against her former boyfriend Kim Hyun Joong. The findings were as follows:

  • Evidence was secured that proved Ms. Choi’s claims of miscarriage by assault were fabricated.
  • Evidence was secured that proved Ms. Choi’s claims of another pregnancy ending in forced abortion were fabricated.
  • Evidence was secured that proved Ms. Choi was not even pregnant at the time of the aforementioned situations.
  • Ms. Choi was found guilty of tampering with evidence by manipulating Kakao messages between her and KHJ.
  • Using fabricated evidence and false testimony as the basis, Ms. Choi filed a 1.6 billion won lawsuit against KHJ. This is a criminal offense, and she will now have to stand trial as a result.
  • Ms. Choi was found guilty of defamation after going to the media with the fabricated evidence and further false testimony to turn the tide of public opinion in her favor. She held a televised interview with KBS, sharing the manipulated Kakao messages and speaking about her alleged pregnancies, etc.
  • It is also reported that Ms. Choi’s claims of being assaulted by the singer, which resulted in a two week hospital stay, were also proven false. (WTK will look for the original statement to confirm this report.)

Due to all the evidence brought against her for the criminal offenses of tampering with evidence, false testimony, and public defamation, Ms. Choi has now been indicted on charges of defamation and fraud and will be standing trial in her own criminal case.

The fans of Kim Hyun Joong who have stood by his side from the beginning are thrilled to see these lies exposed to the public via the legal proceedings in court. After Ms. Choi made her claims public, Kim Hyun Joong, one of the most in-demand singers, actors, and models of the time, suffered a huge setback to his career with immense damages to his future and finances, losing the majority of his contracts and future projects.

Despite Ms. Choi now being indicted on her own criminal charges and many, if not most, of her original claims being proven false by the court, the question remains if Kim Hyun Joong will be able to recover his career at this point?

Meanwhile, the singer is currently serving in the military and will be released in February.

Media: OSEN

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  • Thank you WTK for always reporting fair and unbiased information on current headlines.

    • We try our best! So, thanks for the feedback! ^^

  • they need to make a new DNA test, I have no doubt that Choi is not the mother of this child. Besides, I am sure DISPATCH – dirty bastards, too, must be punished. DISPATCH – criminals for publishing rankings false rumors without evidence. Dispatch – gold-diggers associates in Korea

  • Omg, this chick must have some mental issues going on in her head. Geez to go to this extend, KJH career, everything he worked for got ruined bc of this crazy ass chick. Smh

  • Now January 22, 2018 and happy to report Choi has been found guilty of fraud and awaits sentencing. In reply to a previous comment, I too agree there should be another DNA test. You’d be amazed at how many doubt that Choi actually had a child. One popular theory is that this baby is her sister or sister-in-law’s child born the same day, same hospital as Choi claims she gave birth. No one ever saw Choi looking pregnant. She still had a flat belly in June (during the seventh month of pregnancy?) then she disappeared until early September, appearing again with a flat belly, just a week or so after delivery. Makes you wonder.

  • So, did we ever have confirmation if the child is his? Or if it even exists?

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