WATCH: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Starts The Day Off By Dancing To Song Mino, TWICE & Super Junior

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun showed off his great variety skills on this week’s episode of “New Journey to the West 3.”

On the January 15th episode, the hardworking crew played music by some of the cast members in an effort to wake them up. Starting off with Kyuhyun’s smash hit “At Gwanghwamun,” the singer emerged sleepily from his bedroom and sang a few lines of the song. Despite just waking up, he sounded just as great as he always does.

Once Kyuhyun returned to his room, the crew then turned on Song Mino‘s track “Fear” to try to get him up and singing. To their surprise, Song Mino continued sleeping peacefully while Kyuhyun emerged again instead. The “variety-dol” showed off his comedic skills as he began rapping and gesturing like a hip-hop star. As he obviously had fun performing, the crew did as well. You can hear their laughter and cheers from off camera.

When he went back inside once more, the crew wasn’t done with Kyuhyun yet and turned on TWICE‘s “Cheer Up,” a song Kyuhyun has been dancing to recently at his solo concerts. Sure enough, the singer came out again and began dancing strongly to the chorus. By this time, even the crew was dancing along and laughing.

Once more, they turned on another song, making Kyuhyun laugh when he heard it. It was impossible to not dance to it though, so he came out to dance to the finale of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.” The cast whooped and cheered for the idol as he gave it his all on the “dance floor” outside his room.

Kyuhyun definitely has good variety sense and is bringing a lot of laughter to this season of “New Journey to the West 3.” Are you watching the show?

Check out Kyuhyun’s funny dance time below!

Media: tvN

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