AKMU Shows Off The Hilarious Differences In JYP, YG & SM Choreography

 AKMU Shows Off The Hilarious Differences In JYP, YG & SM Choreography

AKMU are sure to make fans laugh with their demonstration of the differences between JYP, YG, and SM choreography!

On the most recent episode of “My Little Television,” the brother-sister duo showed off their funny personalities as they danced in their pajamas. The dance fest soon progressed into a discussion of the differences in dance style of the “Big 3” entertainment companies in Kpop.

As Suhyun and Chanhyuk talked, they pointed out that the main point to JYP Entertainment dances is the wave. Chanhyuk immediately began to demonstrate the point, rolling his body and legs in a funny way that truly did resemble JYP himself!

The siblings then began to discuss YG, noting that the main move for YG Entertainment artists is the bounce. As the camera rolls to show 2NE1, you can definitely understand what AKMU means. Things quickly turned funny though as Chanhyuk begin to demonstrate, choosing to showcase the YG boss’ signature move from back in the day!

Lastly, the brother and sister point out the main move for SM Entertainment is all about those angles. The two quickly demonstrate the “knife-like” dance style with swift movements and precision. However, Chanhyuk goes on to point out there is another important move in SM. Check out what he means when the siblings do a hilarious demonstration of “cloning.”

Check out the video below, and don’t forget to watch the full episode of “My Little Television” with the talented AKMU duo on MBC!

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