Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Indicted On Charges Of Defamation And Fraud

 Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Indicted On Charges Of Defamation And Fraud

After a long and lengthy process, it seems the truth behind the Kim Hyun Joong scandal with his ex-girlfriend is finally coming to light. This week, the Korean government indicted “Ms. Choi” for charges of defamation and fraud, charges which could lead to jail time if convicted.

The popular idol’s world was turned upside down when Ms. Choi made allegations against the singer of severe abuse and forced abortions. After revealing her claims on TV and to the media, Mr. Kim, one of the most in-demand actors, singers, and models in Korea at the time, lost countless contracts and saw the majority of the public turn against him. Even his fans, who did not believe the woman’s claims and chose to defend him, became the objects of severe criticism and online bullying.

The incident led to two ongoing trials, both a civil trial and a criminal trial. After extensive investigation in both trials, Kim Hyun Joong was found not guilty in the civil trial. Instead of awarding Ms. Choi the 1.6 million USD she was attempting to sue the singer for, the court awarded her no damages and instead ordered her to pay $100,000 USD to Kim for the damage she had done to his career due to “false charges and fraud.” Her case against Kim Hyun Joong was dismissed by the court due to lack of evidence. She immediately began an appeal process, which is still underway in the courts.

The criminal case has also been ongoing for quite some time and is seeing similar results as well. During the course of the investigation by the court, the Prosecutor’s Office decided to bring charges against her for defamation and fraud. She has now been indicted on these charges and will face her own criminal trial as a result. Ms. Choi has also appealed this decision as well.

In a world where we like to uphold people as “innocent until proven guilty,” the entire process against Mr. Kim has been seemingly unfair as he was “found guilty” by the court of public opinion as soon as she made her allegations public. Now that the actual legal process is almost over, it seems the truth is coming to light as a result of the courts’ findings and is very different than what people first believed. Netizens are now starting to realize that Ms. Choi made numerous false allegations against the singer in what appears to be an effort to destroy his career and sue him for a huge amount of money.

Are you surprised to hear that Ms. Choi was indicted by the court on charges of defamation and fraud? Do you think Kim Hyun Joong’s career will be able to recover now that the public knows she made many false allegations?

Below, you can read a short statement by Mr. Kim’s lawyer in regards to the court’s indictment of Ms. Choi. You can also read the full details in one of the original articles by clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, the singer is set to return from the military on February 11th.

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  • Thank you for the article ! … Henecia forever only with the only Kim Hyun Joong !

    • Finally he free! Yes he could recover from this tragedy and as huge fan of his I never stop believing him and I have always been proud of him for being strong and optimistic not as singer or actor but as man who was real and true to himself. Fighting oppa. It’s never to late to restart a new chapter ❤️❤️❤️

  • You write truth about the case. Henecias and TripleS thank you very much. KHJ and his family (and his fans) suffered so much! We are waiting for Choi and her accomplices be punished and go to jail ASAP.

  • What a relief. I knew it from the very start that she is that kind of a woman. I get criticisms here from Korean women as well but I did fight back for KHJ coz in my heart he is innocent.
    To KHJ… go forward with your life. Just think, everything that happened was just a bad dream. We will always support you no matter what.

  • i this article, thank you for telling the truth.

  • Thank you for the article! Fans of Kim Hyun Joong always been with him, our support does not change! We are glad that the truth has triumphed!

  • Thank you for the article! Thank you for writing the truth! Thank you for that support Kim Hyun Jung, and believe in him!

  • KIM HYUN JOONG – Fighting!!!!!!!!
    Your fans all over the world are waiting for you. We love you

  • No matter what truth will be revealed soon….it has started already… Just as one family we all love and support KHJ and are waiting for his return…………..the days are no longer awaiting…… Fighting KHJ!!!!!!!!

  • Im glad this is over for KHJ and may he regains his status back. I believed his innocence from the beginning. Love you fighting

  • from the start I believe him,im a big fan of him,I did not believe from the start that he can do that,now its almost than,thank you lord…..khj fighting!!!! 🙂

  • People r always willing to judge without knowing all the truth. For u people who turned against him , I believe u all judge KHJ harshly, their is always two sides to a story. I myself am a fan of his for his talent, his personal life is his own business. I hope the best best for him and his child..FIGHTING!!!

  • Wait i thought kim hyun joong’s lawyer name was lee jae man did he change lawyers or does he have more than one?

  • Finally hes free ,i am so so excited that, hes going back from military.. We continue to support you.. we are praying for TV sitcom for you Jung So Min ” We love you KHJ ❤❤❤

  • Always I believed that Kim Hyun Joong is not capable. He’s a terrific actor and as a singer. I fall asleep under his songs. It is my first Bias. First I met him in the drama “Flowers after the berries,” and since then he has been associated with a good, magical and quiet for me. Is a person with such a magical and kind voice is able to create something terrible? Let this, Ms. Choi will receive their just deserts! I -Henecia, and I am proud of it. Our Kim Hyun Joong the best!

  • Thank you for the article! I’m happy for Kim Hyun Joong! Although I became his fan last year only, I will still support him as his fan cause I don’t wanna judge his life! And I’ve always believe that he has been and will always be an honest and good person! Love you Kim hyun Joong oppa! Fighting ❤😘

  • Thank you so much for your article.Henecia Family and Triple’S say to you ” Thanks” because Kim Hyun Joong is à very great persone. Always and Forever with Kim Hyun Joong

  • Thank you for the feedback, everyone! We at WTK always work hard to write fact-based articles, even when other media outlets don’t like to cover it or tell the whole story. We will always work hard to provide our readers with the full truth, so please continued to support What The Kpop in the future!

  • Thank you for your truth article.Henecias will love and support Kim Hyun Joong Forever ❤️❤️💪💪

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