YG Family Supports BIGBANG At Last Concert In Seoul

 YG Family Supports BIGBANG At Last Concert In Seoul

The YG Entertainment family turned out in full force to support BIGBANG during their concert in Seoul.

The legendary idol group held the final stop of their tour with “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT : 0.TO.10 FINAL IN SEOUL.” To support the group and show their love, the majority of the YG Family members either went to the concert or sent wreaths and flowers.

All the members of the popular group WINNER went to the concert and even had their picture taken with BIGBANG backstage. Group leader Kang Seung Yoon uploaded the picture on his Instagram, saying he had truly “succeeded as a fan” by having his picture taken with BIGBANG.

Sean, of Jinusean, uploaded a picture to his Instagram with his group member Jinu and YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk. The three were shown smiling and having a good time at the concert.

Other artists like EPIK HIGH, Lee Hi, and iKON sent large wreaths to congratulate BIGBANG on the successful tour.

In addition, almost 1.5 million fans tuned in to watch the live broadcast of the concert on V Live. Were you one of those fans? If not, make sure to stay tuned for the replay coming out soon!

Check out the pictures below!

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