Guess Which Idol Has An Even More Expensive Car Than G-Dragon?

 Guess Which Idol Has An Even More Expensive Car Than G-Dragon?

A certain Kpop idol is gathering a lot of attention for an odd reason- his insanely expensive car!

G-Dragon has previously been a topic of interest as the idol with the most expensive car. The BIGBANG leader has a McLaren 650s, a luxury sports car that costs 400 million won (app. $333,000 USD).

Now, it seems there is another idol with an even more expensive car, and that idol is none other than CNBLUE‘s Lee Jonghyun. The idol is the proud owner of a McLaren 650s Spider FAB Design VAYU RPR, a luxury sports car whose exact cost has not yet been published. It’s rumored to cost around 650 million won though (app $540,000 USD).

The car is part of a specially designed, limited edition series by FAB Design, a high-end Swiss manufacturer. It is only one of ten in the entire world, and he is the only person in all of Asia to own one. What makes Jonghyun’s car even more special is the fact that it’s the first one of the series, making it even more expensive than the other nine. The Swiss design company claims their modified design makes the original McLaren 650s look like “the poorer cousin.” The vehicle is nicknamed “the god of wind.”

As a matter of fact, when the car was first delivered to Korea, it was the first time the car had ever been spotted out in the world, making it a huge deal with car enthusiasts and auto magazines who excitedly shared the news. Jonghyun has had the car since the spring of 2016, but it’s only recently become a topic of interest with netizens. Luxury cars are no new splurge for the idol— before this car, he had an Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

What do you think of his car? Are you surprised G-Dragon no longer has the most expensive car among idols? Check out the pictures of Jonghyun’s car below!

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Source: Soompi

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