2PM To Hold Final Concert Series Before Taecyeon Enlists In Military

2PM fans better prepare their hearts because Taecyeon will soon be heading to the military! The good news is that the popular idol group will be holding a final concert series before he begins his enlistment.

On January 5th, the concert poster was revealed with the exact show information. The “6 Nights Concert” will be held through February 24th-26th and March 3rd-5th at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. It will be the group’s first Korean concert in over a year and a half.

Taecyeon has previously spoken out about his determination to serve as an active duty soldier. He was a U.S. permanent resident, but the singer gave up his residency to be able to serve as a soldier. In addition, he was exempt from active duty service due to back issues. However, he went through two back surgeries in order to be cleared for active duty service.

The 2PM member has not announced his exact enlistment date yet, so stay tuned for details!

Check out the concert poster below!

Media: JYP Entertainment

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