SNL’s Lee Se Young Will Not Face Charges For Sexual Assault Against B1A4

 SNL’s Lee Se Young Will Not Face Charges For Sexual Assault Against B1A4

After police investigation, it has been determined that SNL‘s Lee Se Young will not face charges for sexual assault against B1A4.

After “SNL Korea” released behind-the-scenes footage of what they called good-natured hazing, fans had a fit when the female comedian was seen allegedly grabbing the young idols’ crotch area. Soon after it came to light, other videos showing the same behavior with other groups were also shared. In one video, the comedian was said to have laughed and shouted, “I touched them all!”

Despite this, the Seoul Mapo Police in charge of the investigation said there is no evidence she actually touched the young men. The member of B1A4, along with INFINITE and Block B, were questioned by police in regards to the incident. A police source says that the B1A4 members said they did not feel offended, so the case would be dismissed. The woman in question was never brought in to be investigated.

Many fans are left feeling unhappy with the turn of events, saying that the issue is just being swept under the rug. In a world where scandal can ruin an idol’s career, even when they’re not at fault, it makes sense that artists wouldn’t want to press charges for sexual assault. Many people also think the police’s statement that the boys “did not feel offended” sharply contrast with the videos where it appeared they were extremely uncomfortable. It has also been pointed out that the situation would likely be different if a male comedian had inappropriately touched a female idol group.

What do you think about the situation? Do you think the incident was properly investigated? Do you think the results would have been different if it were a male comedian and female group? Do you think the idols and their labels are just trying to move past the situation?

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Media: WM Entertainment

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