AOA Is Back With Sexy New Music Videos For “Excuse Me” And “Bing Bing”

 AOA Is Back With Sexy New Music Videos For “Excuse Me” And “Bing Bing”

The beautiful girls of AOA are back and sexier than ever!

The popular idol group certainly didn’t disappoint with the release of two amazing videos for the double title tracks “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing.” The two songs are off the group’s first full studio album Angel’s Knock.

“Excuse Me” is somewhat different than the group’s previous music videos and centers on the girls chasing a mysterious stranger around the city. We see them doing detective work to get his fingerprints, chasing him through the subway, and rummaging in his apartment for clues. The entire video has a retro feel, similar to private investigators of the 1930s. The song itself is catchy and cute and sure to do well on the charts,

“Bing Bing” makes a stark contrast to the lighter, more mischievous video of “Excuse Me.” The video has deep purple and blue tones to add to the mysterious feel. The girls are featured as magicians who show off their skills while looking glamorous and gorgeous. Each of the members get plenty of screen time and the lines are notably well-distributed. The song and dance are very typical AOA and will no doubt be a hit.

Check out the two music videos below! What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Media: FNC Entertainment

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