SHINHWA Plays It Cool In Teaser For “Touch” MV

 SHINHWA Plays It Cool In Teaser For “Touch” MV

SHINHWA just released the teaser for their upcoming MV “Touch.”

The members look handsome and sophisticated in expensive-looking suits. As each member is shown in a variety of extravagant settings, their faces are noticeably void of expression, looking somewhat pensive and withdrawn. The song itself features a heavy R&B beat with electronic-sounding influences. The MV looks like it will be a return to SHINHWA’s strong, sexy image, in contrast to their somewhat lighter title track from their previous album.

At the end of November, the group made a comeback with Unchanging Part 1 РOrange. They are now releasing part two for their repackage album. The new album Unchanging РTouch will be released on January 2nd at midnight KST. It will include the ten tracks previously released on part one and will include five new tracks as well.

Check out the teaser below! Who’s excited to see these Kpop legends make their comeback?


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