NCT 127’s Yuta Releases Individual “Limitless” Teasers

 NCT 127’s Yuta Releases Individual “Limitless” Teasers

NCT 127‘s Yuta has his own “Limitless” teasers to share following the release of Doyoung’s yesterday.

In the teaser clips, Yuta, along with his fellow members, are sporting designer clothes like Supreme for this comeback. You can also notice Yuta keeping up with Japanese fans whenever he writes messages to them in the captions for the Polaroid pictures released on NCT 127’s Instagram.

In the captions on one Instagram post, Yuta has revealed he is learning Chinese from Winwin, sparking interest in his handwriting in Kanji on the photos as they have struck fans with how nice and stylistic the letters are.

The music video for “Limitless” is scheduled for January 5th on YouTube, followed by its digital release on January 6th digitally and physical release on January 9th.

Check out the teasers below and tell us which was your favorite and why!

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