Back In Time: Our Top 10 Favorite Songs By g.o.d

 Back In Time: Our Top 10 Favorite Songs By g.o.d

Welcome to another segment of Back in Time! It’s writer Min here, ready to bring you WTK’s next list of amazing, classic Kpop songs.

I am a huge fan of g.o.d! They were not only one of JYP Entertainment‘s most famous boy bands of all time, but they touched the hearts of many fans singing heartfelt songs that will forever influence the future generation of Kpop. This legendary group is still active today and still rocking it— switching it from ballads to groovy dance music that just reminds you of the old days.

JYP Entertainment debuted g.o.d, short for Groove Over Dose, in 1999 with five members: Park Joon Hyung, Yoon Kye Sang, Danny Ahn, Son Ho Young, and Kim Tae Woo. They would grow up to be known as a “million seller” in K-pop, one of the few groups to have an album sell over a million copies. They also became known as the “Nation’s Idols,” along with H.O.T, 1TYM, and Shinhwa.

Let’s relive some amazing classics and get started with our top ten favorite songs that will bring back awesome memories to us all!

#10 – “Saturday Night”

“Saturday Night” has to be one of the most remarkable songs ever by g.o.d. I was so surprised that after a long hiatus, they came back with something groovy and funky. It reminded us all that g.o.d was still in the mood to dance and tell fans, ‘Hey, you know what? Get up and dance! We are back!” I was just amazed that they came back with something like this. With this song, we could finally hear Kim Tae Woo’s amazing voice with g.o.d again! They were so crazy in the music video as well— so funny!

#9 – “Wind”

“Wind” takes a shift from the fun and funky g.o.d. This song was so touching as they gifted this song to the fans who waited for their return. I loved how they added old and new fan moments in the MV. It’s true that g.o.d never broke up, and I (as a fan) am glad they keep showing their love and devotion towards their fandom. No matter how old they are, they show us they can still have fun. This is one thing I love about g.o.d!

#8 – “Road”

This MV is one of g.o.d’s very first songs, and it touches my heart! The song and music video speaks for itself: “I don’t know where this road takes me, but I walk on this road…” The song talks about how we don’t know where our road takes us, but that no matter what, we should dream and we should chase those dreams. The song is really beautiful if you listen to the lyrics .

#7 – “Dear Mother”

This song is a legendary hit from g.o.d. Anyone can relate to the song and bittersweet lyrics. “Dear Mother” tells a story about a poor mother who does everything for her son, no matter how hard life gets. In the end, she ends up dying. The lesson is something we should all remember— regrets are a horrible thing. We should all love and respect our mothers and loved ones and never take those blessings for granted. It’s a very beautiful MV and makes me cry every time I watch it.

#6 – “Lies”

In this MV, g.o.d played with my feels so much it hurt. The song is so sad! The guy lies to the girl to make her leave since he would rather let her go than hurt her more. I love the song as it’s very emotional and straight forward. Even if he still loves her, he is willing to let her go for her own sake. It’s really sad—g.o.d, why do you do this to me? I promise you that this MV will make you so emotional that you’ll need a box of Kleenex when you are done.

#5 – “Observation”

Yes, I know those outfits are totally not g.o.d style, but this was typical 90’s style instead. I also just can’t stop laughing at the dance. As you can see, the song is called “Observation,” and these boys are observing that chick too much! I find it funny how they just randomly dance and she looks at them like, “Whatever.” The g.o.d members are such lovable goofballs!

#4 – “The Story of Our Lives”

g.o.d is known for touching on situations that we all face in our daily lives. Here in this MV, it shows that each of us have our own story, but that no one knows the stories of our lives. As you see, the girl thinks her father earns a lot of money, but she later finds out the truth. In the end, we must all understand each other’s struggles and that each of us have a story.

#3 – “Friday Night”

g.o.d is just too good! I could listen to this song on repeat forever. “Friday Night” was one of their top hits back in the day and never gets old, no matter how old you are. As you can see in “Music Camp,” these boys had the fangirls going crazy!

#2 – “Remember Love”

This song is cute and sad at the same time. I love the music video too— he goes on searching for her after they were separated. The song is amazing, and the music is so adorable. Even though the video was bad quality, the music was not! I honestly can feel the message conveyed through the song.

# 1 – “A Funny But Sad Day”

In this MV,  it shows us that no matter who you are, your day can be good or bad. It also shows us how we can all make a difference in our own day. This music video takes the number one spot for me on our list of the top ten music videos by g.o.d.

Over the years, g.o.d has tackled issues and struggles that are too real in this world of ours. As such, their music videos and lyrics speak to all of us, and if you just listen, you will learn something from these guys. Even as I chose the top ten songs to include on this list, I shed so many tears! There are so many good songs that g.o.d has made, and through them, they have perfectly conveyed many important messages to their fans. I am glad they are still making music as the same amazing, humble, dedicated artists they have always been. Without a doubt, fans of g.o.d will forever love their boys and wait for them to comeback time after time.

What do you think of our list? Was your favorite song included? Let us know in the comment section below!

Min (unnijazumine) is a WTK writer with a deep love and fascination of all things Korean. She is a big fan of Kpop, Kdramas and Korean beauty products. She enjoys newer Kpop groups like BTS, B1A4, B.A.P and Teen Top, but she also enjoys classic Kpop groups like SHINHWA, Wonder Girls and g.o.d. She also loves the solo artists Dean and Crush. When she isn’t out trying new Korean food and drinks, she is busy working or studying for a career in music.

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