NCT 127 Releases Next Round Of Teasers With Taeyong

 NCT 127 Releases Next Round Of Teasers With Taeyong

SM Entertainment has released the individual teasers of Taeyong for NCT 127‘s “Limitless” comeback.

The label has released multiple teasers of each member so far, and Taeyong is no different. In addition to two video teasers, there are several official teaser images, followed by numerous candid shots as well.

Judging by the teaser clips, NCT 127 is continuing with a concept unique to them. The videos also include more ever-so-exciting snippets of the catchy title track! The clips seem to exemplify Taeyong as quite the idol with his piercing stares and spiced-up hairstyle this time around.

Anticipation is building for the new mini-album given the approaching release date of the digital album on January 6th and and physical album on the ninth. NCT 127 also hopes to become more active on Instagram as well, so make sure to give them a follow!

Are you a fan of the group? Whose teasers do you think will come out next?


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