AOA Releases First MV Teaser For “Excuse Me”

 AOA Releases First MV Teaser For “Excuse Me”

Popular girl group AOA is another step closer to their comeback!

The idol group released the first MV teaser for one of their upcoming title tracks “Excuse Me.” One more title track, entitled “Bing Bing,” will have an MV teaser released shortly.

The teaser shows the girls being watched with binoculars from some secret room. They are dressed in the outfits previously shown in the teaser images for “Excuse Me.” Each one of the members look gorgeous and sexy, showing off their long legs and glowing skin. The track is upbeat and catchy, making fans anticipate the comeback even more.

The two tracks are off the upcoming album Angel’s Knock. It will be released on January 2nd at midnight KST.

Check out the teaser below! What do you think?

Media: FNC Entertainment

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