Lee Kwangsoo Gives Moving Acceptance Speech For “Top Excellence Award”

Lee Kwangsoo won the “Top Excellence Award” for variety at the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards.

Upon winning the award, the humble star thanked everyone for their support of “Running Man” throughout the years and for allowing him to end his “Running Man” career on a high note. He then went on to thank each and every one of the show’s members, both past and present. He was visibly moved while giving the speech.

Since “Running Man” is being canceled after almost seven years, this will be Lee Kwangsoo’s last award for his work on the show. Due to that, his acceptance speech was extra bittersweet. He was the only person from the program to win an award this year.

Check out his acceptance speech below. What did you think?

Congratulations to Mr. Lee Kwangsoo for taking home the excellence award for variety! It’s an award truly well-deserved since his funny character on “Running Man” has brought a lot of laughter to fans throughout the years.

Media: SBS

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