Jaden Smith Reveals His Desire To Become A Kpop Star

Jaden Smith surprised a lot of people when he revealed that he wants to be a Kpop star!

On December 20th, the young Hollywood star tweeted to his six million followers and said that he just wanted to be a Kpop star. A few hours later, he reaffirmed that it was a genuine dream. “I’m serious,” he said, “I actually wanna be a Kpop star.”

The news should come as no real surprise however. It has long since been known that Jaden and his father Will Smith are both Kpop fans. Mr. Smith personally asked singer Jay Park to sing for his movie soundtrack, he went to visit YG Entertainment, and both father and son have met up with numerous Kpop stars for different events.

Even just a little over a week ago, Jaden echoed the thoughts of many Kpop fans when he tweeted “G Dragon Is My Inspiration.” But unlike most fans, he actually received a reply from the mega star himself, saying it’s always a pleasure to see Jaden and that they should “do something.”

Are all these recent tweets and interactions going to lead to a collaboration between Jaden and G-Dragon himself? Will Jaden’s interest in Kpop allow him further opportunities in Korea? Only time will tell!

What do you think of Jaden’s tweets? Do you hope to see him collaborate with G-Dragon or another Kpop star? Let us hear from you below!

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  1. i love kpop and i love anyone who love kpop so it’s gonna be really cool if gd oppa collaborate with jaden smith
    So excited ❤❤❤


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