I.O.I’s Kim Chungha To Make Official Solo Debut

 I.O.I’s Kim Chungha To Make Official Solo Debut

Kim Chungha of I.O.I will soon be making her official solo debut!

I.O.I is a temporary girl group that was formed as a result of Mnet’s reality show “Produce 101.” After the group’s final concert in January, Chungha will be returning to her own label to make her solo debut.

Most members will be returning to their respective labels to join other girl groups, so it’s unusual for a rookie singer like Chungha to already be debuting as a soloist. however, the singer has already proven her abilities by creating dance routines and choreography on the popular television program “Hit the Stage,” as well as helping with the choreography for I.O.I’s “Whatta Man.”

Chungha is a former JYP trainee and is currently at M&H Entertainment.

Are you excited to see this talented artist make her solo debut? Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: CJ E&M

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