The Top 10 Most Viewed BIGBANG Music Videos On YouTube

 The Top 10 Most Viewed BIGBANG Music Videos On YouTube

Having just celebrated their 10 year anniversary in August, BIGBANG, or the “Kings of Kpop” as they’re often proclaimed, are definitely a force with which to be reckoned. The undeniably unique five-member group has won hundreds of awards, continues to break countless records, and inspires fashion trends and dance crazes across Asia— both as a group and as successful solo artists.

With the promise of new music in just under 12 hours, fans are anticipating what the group’s completed MADE series album— which will be their last album before member T.O.P enters the military– will bring.

Whether you’re new to the group or a veteran VIP, let’s take a look at BIGBANG’s most popular music videos on YouTube as of December 2016 to see just how these five superstars have worked over the last 10 years to interweave their individual talents and establish themselves within the world of pop music and beyond!

10: Tonight (2011) – 58.1 million views

Shot in Nevada and California, the oldest MV on this list features views of America’s scenic West Coast and flashy Las Vegas as the perfect setting for this classic BIGBANG track.

9: Monster (2012) – 66.9 million views

Released on the group’s repackaged album Still Alive, “Monster” features an interesting, almost Europop sound, and for the MV, you’ll see they took on a totally different concept from usual. In short? Explosions! Weird Hair! Oh my! We’ll let you interpret the rest.

8: Sober (2015) – 67.4 million views

BIGBANG is no stranger to whacky, unique concepts, and “Sober” is no exception. You’ll find the lyrics behind this bed-jumping bop are surprisingly quite depressing; however, the MV is just as energetic as the song, and you’ll get super pumped every time! Maybe that’s their point. Either way, there’s a goat (yes, a literal goat).

7: Bae Bae (2015) – 78 million views

 Their first comeback as a group after a long, three year hiatus, BIGBANG dropped this shocking, albeit visually stunning, music video alongside “Loser” in May 2015. You could say it’s open for interpretation, but no one can deny it’s some seriously colorful eye candy!

6: Let’s Not Fall In Love (2015) – 83.9 million views

The final MADE project album E dropped in August 2015 and featured the gritty, hip-hop track “Zutter” by BIGBANG subunit GD&TOP and this relaxing, aesthetically-pleasing music video for “Let’s Not Fall in Love.” It features the five members being cute playing, being cute eating, being cute in the rain, T.O.P’s cute kiss being rejected, and G-Dragon cutely nuzzling against a lucky girl’s face. It’s not that I’m… jealous… or anything… it’s just cute, OK??? Sheesh.

5: Blue (2012) – 91.2 million views

Listening to this emotional breakup song, I never know whether to dance or cry– or usually both simultaneously, to be honest— but with the MV’s clear winter theme and somewhat melancholy vibes, it’s nice to curl up and watch on chilly days.

4: Bad Boy (2012) – 99.6 million views

Nearing 100 million views thanks to the dedicated VIP fandom, “Bad Boy was released on BIGBANG’s Alive EP with the likes of “Blue” and “Fantastic Baby,” which was impressively the first Kpop album to ever reach the United States’ Billboard 200 chart. I’m not sure why Taeyang is sleeveless when it’s CLEARLY VERY COLD, but regardless, it’s a must-watch MV for winter! Fun fact: Both “Blue” and this bad boy (hehe) were shot in Brooklyn, New York.

3: Loser (2015) – 117 million views

When the first MADE project album M dropped last year, VIPs from across the globe united to show their unabated loyalty to BIGBANG despite the group’s long hiatus. Opposite of what the song suggests, “Loser” won a Triple Crown (three consecutive wins) on the SBS music program”Inkigayo,” making it BIGBANG’s seventh Triple Crown won on Inkigayo since “Lies” in 2007.

2: Bang Bang Bang (2015) – 191 million views

Arguably the most iconic Kpop song and music video of 2015, “Bang Bang Bang” has already garnered well over half the views of Fantastic Baby in just 21 months. As such, it’s safe to assume that it will eventually surpass their 2012 international breakthrough hit!

1: Fantastic Baby (2012) – 262 million views

Holding steady as the fifth most viewed Kpop music video on YouTube of all time, it’s no surprise this eye-popping music video was, and continues to be, many people’s first introduction to BIGBANG, if not Kpop in general. Yeogi. Buteora.

As we look back at BIGBANG’s accomplishments with this list of their most viewed videos on YouTube, it brings to mind the question, “What can we expect from their next comeback?” VIP, what are you hopes for their next comeback? We’ll soon find out as there are just a few hours left until their new album and music videos are released!

Is your favorite BIGBANG music video on this list? If not, tell us which ones you love by leaving a comment below.

MyNeighborPororo is a writer for WTK who likes far too many things to list here. She constantly questions why it took her five years to notice BIGBANG and listens to Roy Kim’s “Bom Bom Bom” every day. She’s most often found drinking tea, messing up her eyeliner, sending pics of Seventeen to her sister, doing anything but adulting, and crying over Jackson Wang.

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