New Co-Ed Group K.A.R.D Releases Teaser For Debut MV

 New Co-Ed Group K.A.R.D Releases Teaser For Debut MV

The first teaser video has been released for the new co-ed group K.A.R.D!

The title track is entitled “Oh NaNa” and has a bright EDM sound. The video showcases each of the four members of the group, giving us lots of close-up scenes to help us get further acquainted with these new faces.

K.A.R.D is DSP Media’s new idol group set to debut later this week. Abandoning the popular girl group/boy group concept, the label is attempting to make a successful co-ed group in the Kpop industry. Up until now, co-ed units have not proved very popular with fans.

The four permanent members are BM, J.Seph, Jeon Somin, and Jeon Jiwoo. For the first album, former KARA member Heo Young Ji will be promoting with the new group as a hidden (temporary) member. There will be two additional hidden members for the next few releases from K.A.R.D.

Check out the teaser below! What do you think of this unusual, new concept? Do you like the co-ed concept? Do you like having hidden members who will only feature on certain albums?

Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: DSP Media

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