B.A.P Praised For Professionalism After Music Error During Performance

 B.A.P Praised For Professionalism After Music Error During Performance

B.A.P is earning praise from netizens for displaying their professionalism after a recent music error onstage.

During the MBN Hero Concert on November 30th, the popular idol group had planned to perform the shortened version of their song “I Guess I Need You.” However, the staff accidentally played the full version, leaving the boys unprepared for the vocals and choreography. They didn’t miss a beat though as they continued the performance and improvised in order to get through the full version of the song.

The song is a new track off their recent album Noir. The full version of the song features parts by B.A.P leader Bang Yongguk, who is currently on hiatus due to health problems. The group has only ever performed the short version of the track onstage, so the song doesn’t even have choreography for the full version.

At minute 1:46 in the video below, you can see their confusion as the song is supposed to lead to the ending after the dance break by members Jongup and Zelo. It immediately becomes clear to the members that the wrong version is being played as Bang Yongguk’s parts begin to play. They hesitate for a slight moment before Daehyun motions to Himchan to continue.

The group was left a little confused on what they should do, considering they had no choreography. However, they soon formed a group at the front of the stage and finished the song.

After fancams were uploaded online, the music error came to the attention of fans. Netizens began to praise the group for their professionalism in continuing the stage with minimal problems.

Check out the video below! With this performance, B.A.P shows once again why they are truly the “best, absolute, perfect.”

Media: YouTube

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  • Best Absolute Perfect 😊

  • Zelo saw the other members making their way to the front and in his typical cool Zelo way…. He danced his way to the front 😍

  • That is why I stan these guys!!! They never come up short. I’m so proud of my BAP babies. 💞💖💞

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