Thunder Releases New Solo MV Featuring Goo Hara And Sandara Park

 Thunder Releases New Solo MV Featuring Goo Hara And Sandara Park

Thunder, former MBLAQ member, has released a new solo MV entitled “Sign.”

The title track from his new mini-album features the vocals of Goo Hara, former member of the girl group KARA. However, the singer is not shown in the video. The famous female idol that is shown in the MV however? It’s none other than Thunder’s sister and famous 2NE1 singer Sandara Park!

The MV features Thunder as he chases after a girl and attempt to reach different goals such as getting her phone number, holding her hand, and more. Meanwhile, Sandara wishes him success as she watches from a distance. The song itself is funky and upbeat, giving off a Michael Jackson-esque vibe from the very beginning. That fact is reinforced as the camera swerves off at one point to show Michael Jackson posters on the wall.

This is Thunder’s first solo comeback in two years, as well as his first comeback since leaving the group MBLAQ. Although the singer has released solo singles before, THUNDER is his first mini-album to ever be released.

Check out the music video below, and let us know what you think! Are you happy to see Thunder active in the music scene once again?

Media: Mystic Entertainment


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