Actor Jung Il Woo To Begin Military Service In December

Sad news for Kdrama fans— we will soon be without famous Hallyu star Jung Il Woo for two years as he fulfills his military service.

According to a statement by his agency HB Entertainment, the actor is enlisting sometime in December. Due to his desire for a quiet enlistment away from the public eye, his exact enlistment date will not be announced.

Mr. Jung will be serving as a public service worker after completing four weeks of basic training. The actor is exempt from active duty military service due to injuries he received in a car accident over ten years ago.

In 2006, the actor, along with his best friend and fellow actor Lee Min Ho, was in a serious car accident which resulted in the death of one person. Mr. Lee was hospitalized for seven months after severe fractures in his leg. Meanwhile, Mr. Jung suffered a concussion, a cerebral hemorrhage, partial memory loss, and two serious fractures which resulted in reconstructive surgery. Due to the permanent side affects of the injuries, the Ministry of National Defense found both actors physically incapable of full-time military service and would only clear them for duty as public service officers.

While Jung Il Woo will be leaving to enlist sometime during the next month, there is no word yet on the enlistment date of his friend Lee Min Ho.

Are you sad to see the star leave the Kdrama scene for almost two years?

Media: Jung Il Woo Official


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