H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun And Crayon Pop’s Soyul Announce Engagement

 H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun And Crayon Pop’s Soyul Announce Engagement

In what might be the biggest shocker in recent Kpop news, H.O.T‘s Moon Hee Jun and Crayon Pop‘s Soyul have announced their engagement!

In a handwritten letter on his fan cafe, the H.O.T singer told fans that he was getting married in February. What he didn’t announce at the time though was the fact that his fiancee was none other than Crayon Pop singer Soyul.

When the news broke about the identity of his fiancee, most people were stunned. Even fellow member Kangta spoke out on the radio, admitting he was shocked to learn the two were even dating. He then went on to express his congratulations and happiness for the couple, as did another H.O.T member Tony Ahn.

Some fans and critics began to complain, saying how things were too sudden, with others speculating that the Crayon Pop singer must be pregnant. The artist took to her SNS to address fans, “You all must have been very surprised. I am also extremely nervous right now. I met and will be getting married to someone I love— someone who wholeheartedly cherishes me and loves me unconditionally.”

In one of the strangest turns yet though, it appears Crayon Pop fans knew all along (or at least suspected) about the pair’s relationship. In October, the singer announced she would be taking a break from the industry due to an anxiety disorder. However, comments that were left on her fan cafe point to the fact that the Crayon Pop fandom already knew she was dating Moon Hee Jun. “If you marry (Soyul),” one fan stated, “I will support you. If you break up, I won’t support either of you….Moon Hee Jun, watch out!”

The couple met two years ago and have been dating since April 2016. There is a 13-year age difference between the H.O.T and Crayon Pop singer.

We at WTK wish them the best of luck and a lifetime of happiness as they begin their journey together! Congratulations!

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