BABYz Unite to Build School In Africa Under B.A.P’s Name

 BABYz Unite to Build School In Africa Under B.A.P’s Name

Following the example set by B.A.P‘s charitable leader Bang Yong Guk, fans have frequently donated rice, books, funds and other necessary items to those in need. This time though, they have taken it a step further!

Fans of the popular idol group B.A.P have decided to give the gift of a better future— education. The fandom has raised enough money to build an entire school in Ghana, even surpassing the goal they originally set! Bang Yong Guk’s dream to build a school in Africa in B.A.P’s name may soon become a reality.

As of 10:53 AM EST on Nov. 24th, fans from all corners of the world have come together to donate $27,574, which is $2,574 over the $25,000 goal! Nice job, BABYz!

From their donation page, “B.A.P’s School” is a non-profit project organized by fans who love B.A.P and wish to honor them by giving education to those less fortunate. Pencils of Promise works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide education opportunities for children, no matter where they were born or what resources they have.

One donor wrote, “Being able to put a smile on countless children’s faces and give then an education is something I would be more than happy to support. Realizing B.A.P’s and especially Yongguk’s beautiful dream of giving to others is something I would like to be a part of.”

The fundraising period doesn’t close until December 26th, so anyone who wants to donate still has time to get involved. Don’t hesitate to support this amazing project, because your money is guaranteed to go towards a great cause. They are now looking to the construction of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), as well as the possibility of providing access to more books and support for teachers.

Here’s to all the incredible times Kpop makes a positive impact on our world! Mr. Bang Yong Guk, are you watching?

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Helping Hands Website:

Fansign Question

UPDATED: As of May 25th, 2018, the B.A.P Town school in Ghana has been completed! Located in Akosombo Ketem, this school is projected to help almost 700 students and will also provide clean drinking water and safe bathrooms for all students. The BAP Helping Hands charity has done a lot of great work, and we’re proud to see them complete this school! Babyz, way to go— talk about representing your fandom well!

Check out the completed school below!

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