Lee Joon Makes Public Protest Against Current South Korean President

Lee Joon, actor and former MBLAQ member, updated his Instagram account to show he was taking part in the public protest against the South Korean president and asking others to join in as well.

President Park Geun Hye has been caught up in a corruption scandal that has rocked the nation, causing multitudes of Korean people to speak out against the scandal and demand her resignation. In addition to the allegations of corruption, it was revealed that the president had accidentally leaked some classified documents to a friend of hers. Since then, she has made an apology for causing the public distress, but many people are not content with the apology and feel she needs to resign. As a result, peaceful protests and rallies have been held across the nation, with celebrities and public figures using their status to speak out as well.

On November 19th, Lee Joon became one of those public figures who spoke out. After finishing his filming for his drama, he joined the public at the massive protest at Gwanghwamun Square and encouraged others to come join as well. He posted several live updates from the protest, making his political views clear. ““You should resign now,” he stated to the president in one of his posts.

Check out the posts the actor made below. What do you think of the entire situation?

현재 광화문25만입니다 오늘 목표는 50만이라고하네요 어서 모여주세요 ..!!!

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비가와도 계속됩니다 모여주세요 ~~~

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