Former Miss A Member Jia Releases MV Teaser In Anticipation Of Solo Debut

Jia, the former Miss A member and Kpop singer, has released a video teaser in anticipation of her solo debut in China.

The singer recently returned to China after spending several years in Korea as a singer under JYP Entertainment. Upon her return to her native country, she signed with a new agency and began to prepare for her solo debut.

On November 15th, the singer released the single track “Drip” through QQ Music. The video teaser was released on her new label’s YouTube page, promising the MV release on November 16th at midnight CST.

The singer sports a fierce look as she and her squad chase down a man who is running away. In addition to the teaser, the artist also uploaded a teaser image on her Instagram account.

Check out the teasers below! What do you think?

1 hours later. 🔫🔥#drip #给我乖 #jiasolocomeback

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