Tablo Updates Haru’s Fans On “The Return Of Superman” Anniversary Special

On the latest episode of “The Return of Superman,” former cast member Tablo updated Haru‘s fans in a video message.

The Epik High frontman and YG Entertainment artist was one of the original cast members for the show, along with his daughter Haru. Through their appearances on almost 60 episodes, the adorable little girl gained a huge fan base both in Korea and abroad.

The show celebrated its third anniversary this week and aired a special celebratory episode. It was during the November 13th episode that Tablo appeared via video message, thanking fans for their support and updating everyone on Haru.

“She is growing up very well and is energetic and lively as always,” he stated. The cutie pie is now six years old and in her first year of school. The video also featured recent pictures of Haru, showing fans how much she has grown since her last appearance on “The Return of Superman.”

Congratulations to “The Return of Superman” on their third anniversary! We are happy to know that Haru is doing so well.


Media: KBS

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