WATCH: “Knowing Bros” Cast Attempts To Copy Taemin’s “Goodbye” Choreography

 WATCH: “Knowing Bros” Cast Attempts To Copy Taemin’s “Goodbye” Choreography

On November 12th, the cast of the popular variety show “Knowing Bros” hilariously attempted to copy Taemin‘s well-known choreography for “Goodbye.”

All of the SHINee members were the special guests on this week’s episode, with a particular segment focusing on Taemin and his impressive dance skills.

Minho confessed that Taemin has a big desire to see the choreography for his song “Goodbye” become really famous. The song was recently released in Korea, with the talented idol performing the dance on the show “Hit The Stage.” The song was previously released in Japan under the name “Sayonara Hitori (さよならひとり).”

In an effort to help the young artist, some of the “Knowing Bros” cast tried to copy the dance in an attempt to make the dance go viral and become more famous. The results were, to say the least, hilarious!

After watching Taemin’s example, Kang Ho Dong and Min Kyung Hoon got everyone laughing when they did their own version of the beautiful dance.

Check it out below!

Media: JTBC

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