Tears, Laughter, And Memories Fill Gary’s Last Episode Of “Running Man”

 Tears, Laughter, And Memories Fill Gary’s Last Episode Of “Running Man”

Get out your handkerchiefs, “Running Man” fans! Gary‘s final episode has aired, and it’s full of tears, laughter, and memories that will touch your heart.

Instead of focusing on the sadness of losing a member, the production crew thought it would be best to do fun games to make everyone laugh. They invaded Gary’s studio, giving the other six members a secret mission (which resulted in hilarious scenes that will make you laugh out loud), while carrying out multiple games with all the members together as well.


It was obvious to viewers that each member really put in a lot of effort to make the episode fun and entertaining. The sweet chemistry of the seven members and the simple setting of the group just doing nonsensical games really brought back old memories of past “Running Man” episodes, where all you needed to entertain viewers was have these seven members in the same room laughing and making jokes.

Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwangsoo especially were in rare form, making viewers laugh with their antics and jokes. All the other members were obviously enjoying the time as well, each one laughing hysterically at their members and their funny behavior and enjoying their time together as they filmed the episode.


As the filming came to a close, the crew presented Gary with a beautiful picture made up of tiny images from every single “Running Man” episode. They also presented him with a personalized, gold plaque in the shape of the famous “Running Man” name tag.

When it came time to say goodbye, the production crew followed Gary back for one final shot. Alone in his quiet studio, he found special gifts and letters that had been left by the other six members. As he read parts of the letters, montages of past episodes and clips of Gary and the members played, bringing back sweet memories of the good times they had shared on “Running Man.”

The final letter was from Gary’s “Monday Girlfriend,” Song Ji Hyo. She expressed her sadness when she heard that he would be leaving the show but wrote of her commitment to always support him in his music career. She even gave him a photo album filled with pictures of the Monday Couple during the filming of the past seven years. While Gary read the letters and spoke, he had to constantly clear his throat in an obvious effort to hold back his tears.


When the letters had been read and gifts had been opened, Gary himself left a video message for the members and viewers. His sincere words touched the hearts of all viewers.

During the final moments of the closing however, they showed a slight preview for next week with Gary’s voice asking them why they couldn’t leave him alone. Although today marked the official last episode with Gary as a member of “Running Man,” it seems the other members are reluctant to let Gary go and will ambush him one final time next week.

Click HERE to watch the full episode, complete with subtitles in English. What did you think of the episode? Are you sad to see Gary go?

Media: SBS, KShowOnline

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