BREAKING: Miss A’s Min And G.Soul Confirmed To Be Dating

 BREAKING: Miss A’s Min And G.Soul Confirmed To Be Dating

Exciting news for JYP stans! Miss A‘s Min and labelmate G.Soul are confirmed to be dating!

Before debuting, Min trained for several years in the USA and even recorded multiple songs in English. Meanwhile, G.Soul is a Korean-American singer who worked in the USA before finally making his Korean debut in 2015. Since Min’s time in the USA, the two have been close friends. Due to the many things they have in common, they have continued their close friendship over the years, a fact which was well-known by fans.

What does come as a surprise to fans though, is the fact that the two recently started dating! It appears that after so many years of friendship, the two suddenly realized their mutual feelings for one another and became a couple. “Before they debuted, they depended on each other. They shared the same hardships going back and forth from Korea to the USA,” a source stated. The source also revealed that they share very similar tastes in music and think of each other as mentors.

Min is an artist under JYP Entertainment, while G.Soul is an artist under Studio J, a subsidiary of JYP.

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Media: @therealminnn

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