Kangin Breaks Social Media Silence For Super Junior’s 11th Anniversary

It was a bittersweet moment for fans— Super Junior‘s Kangin broke his long silence on social media to make a post on the group’s 11th anniversary.

On November 6th, Kangin uploaded a picture of himself from the group’s debut era. The post said simply “Congratulations…. And I’m Sorry.”

The legendary Kpop group debuted on November 6th, 2005, making this year the 11th anniversary of the group that is still going strong.

Since Kangin’s DUI scandal earlier this year, the idol has made no posts on his social media accounts and not addressed fans in any way beyond official statements at the time of his accident.

Most international fans had a positive response to his post, saying things like “We’re waiting for you always, oppa! SJ and ELF are one family forever!” or sentiments like, “It’s ok, oppa! Stay strong and fighting!”

Check out his post below. Were you happy to see Kangin finally post after so long?

축하해요…그리고 죄송해요

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