Most Popular Variety Shows Revealed Through November Rankings

 Most Popular Variety Shows Revealed Through November Rankings

On November 5th, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed the most popular variety shows through the brand reputation rankings for November.

The data was collected over the month of October and was organized into the top 20 variety shows in Korea. The top three shows are all on the MBC network, marking a big success for the variety-friendly network.

It comes as no surprise that the immensely popular “Infinite Challenge” is still ranked at the number one position. However, the show did have a decrease in points of almost 40% from their October ranking. Second place goes to “Radio Star,” and third place goes to recent variety-success “King of Mask Singers.”

Check out the top 15 shows listed below! Did your favorite make the list?

  1. “Infinite Challenge”
  2. “Radio Star”
  3. “King of Mask Singer”
  4. “I Live Alone”
  5. “Running Man”
  6. “Happy Together”
  7. “Fantastic Duo”
  8. “The Return of Superman”
  9. “Duet Song Festival”
  10. “Law of the Jungle”
  11. “2 Days & 1 Night”
  12. “Flaming Youth”
  13. “Real Men”
  14. “We Got Married”
  15. “Immortal Song”

Other shows in the top 20 include the popular comedy show “Gag Concert” and popular new show “My Ugly Duckling.”

What do you think of the ranking? Do you feel like Korean viewers and international viewers have different tastes when it comes to variety shows and Korean TV?


Media: MBC, Naver


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