“Knowing Bros” Members Kim Heechul And Min Kyung Hoon To Release MV Featuring Momo

 “Knowing Bros” Members Kim Heechul And Min Kyung Hoon To Release MV Featuring Momo

Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon, cast members of the popular variety show “Knowing Bros,” will release a collaboration MV that will feature TWICE‘s Momo.

Kim Heechul is a singer in the popular Kpop boy band Super Junior, while Min Kyung Hoon is a solo artist and former member of the group Buzz. Kim Heechul has long been a fan of Min Kyung Hoon, even imitating his voice on multiple variety shows over the years. Now that the two are regular cast members on the show “Knowing Bros” (also known as “Knowing Brother” or “Ask Us Anything”), they have become closer and decided to do a collaboration project.

Not only can fans look forward to their collaboration song and MV, but they can also look forward to seeing TWICE member (and Kim Heechul’s current girl-crush) Momo in the video as well.

Heechul is a well-known fan of girl groups, as well as Japanese culture. Although fans already knew he was a fan of Momo, this was solidified when she melted his heart on a recent episode of “Weekly Idol,” raising his heartbeat with her aegyo and quotation of a Japanese anime character that Heechul is known to love.

Fans went wild for the adorable moment between fanboy Heechul and Momo, leading the idol singer to personally invite Momo to participate in his upcoming collaboration video. The rest of the cast members of “Knowing Bros” are also slated to help with the production of the MV.

Are you excited to see the collaboration project with Kim Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon? Are you excited to see more Heechul and Momo moments? Let us know your thoughts below!

Media: Kpop News


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