B.A.P Releases Shocking, Dark Teaser For New MV “Skydive”

 B.A.P Releases Shocking, Dark Teaser For New MV “Skydive”

B.A.P has released an exciting video teaser for their upcoming MV release “Skydive.”

Fans are excited to see that they boys have returned to their old, bad-boy image and a darker concept for this music video. Fans were also surprised to see how similar it looks to B.A.P’s mega-hit “One Shot.” We are shown a scene where they are in a face-off with police, everyone holding guns and at a standstill, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, gun fire erupts and the members are taken down. We see shocking glimpses of some members dying and falling to the ground in slow motion, bloody and wounded. We also glimpse others members laying or sitting there bleeding, but very much alive. There is still a lot of mystery going on since Daehyun appeared to walk in late and stroll past the police unharmed, only to arrive when the gun fire began.

Is it a “One Shot” part two? Is it somehow connected? There are so many similarities that fans are left wondering and waiting excitedly for the new MV.

“Skydive,” the lead track off their new album Noir, will be released on November 7th at midnight KST. Stay tuned for more details!

Check out the teaser below and let us know what you think!

Media: TS Entertainment

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