TWICE Cheers As They Give Fanchant Guide For “TT”

 TWICE Cheers As They Give Fanchant Guide For “TT”

TWICE gave ONCE a guide to the “TT” fanchant, with their latest video featuring members Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung!

The “TT” fanchant was released on TWICE’s official YouTube channel and is a little something special TWICE has done since some fans have found the fan chant hard to follow. The girls’ cheering guide was adorable as expected, with Chaeyong eating a little sugary snack during the video.

Have you heard the cheering guide yet? Follow along and tell us if you enjoyed the fanchant with TWICE below!

Im Nayeon Yoo
Momo jjang
Sana jjang
Park Jihyo
Mina jjang
Kim Dahyun
Son Chaeyoung
Chou Tzuyu
One in a million! Teu-wa-i-seu

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