SMTOWN Releases Special “Making Of” Film For Henry And Soyou’s MV “Running”

 SMTOWN Releases Special “Making Of” Film For Henry And Soyou’s MV “Running”

Henry Lau, solo artist and Super Junior M member, recently released a special collaboration MV with Soyou of Sistar.

As a thank you to fans for their support of the video “Running,” SMTOWN released a special “making of” film to take fans backstage as Henry filmed the music video. International fans will especially be happy as Henry speaks in English the entire video, showing fans the set and introducing them to various crew members from the director to stylists.

Displaying the laid-back personality for which he is known, Henry shows he is on good terms with everyone, even thanking them all and giving them hugs when the shoot was over. The singer and actor is known to be friendly and charming, which is obvious in this special behind-the-scenes video. He looks comfortable and relaxed the entire time, even swinging by a bowling alley during a break from filming.

Check out the film below! Did you enjoy seeing this video about the making of “Running”? Did you enjoy hearing Henry speak in English as a treat for international fans? Let us hear from you in the comments section below!



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