Former “Produce 101” Contestants Debut As Tough, New Girl Group BULLDOK

 Former “Produce 101” Contestants Debut As Tough, New Girl Group BULLDOK

Remember a little show called “Produce 1o1?” Turns out that the I.O.I girls aren’t the only ones destined to hit it big. This week, a group of former contestants from the popular show debuted as a new girl group entitled BULLDOK.

BULLDOK features members that fans will remember from the show: Kim Min Ji (Kimi), Kim Hyeong Eun (Hyeong Eun), Park Se Hee (Say), Lee Jin Hee (Genie), and Park So Ra (Sora).

Unlike their “Produce 101” peers who tend to opt for lighter music, the new group from KCONIC Entertainment is all about girl-power! Kimi’s rap style toughens the group’s sweeter hip-hop sound, making for a unique mix not found among most girl groups in Kpop today. According to a representative from the label, that’s exactly the goal of the group. ““In an industry rife with the concept of innocent girls, Bulldok will take over with their powerful sound,” he stated.

“Why Not” (also listed as “How’s This?”) is their first debut single and so far has 300,000 views on YouTube. Their debut stage was Oct 20th and is included below.

If innocent concepts from younger girl groups are not your thing, then the BULLDOK members might just be your girls!

Check out their official video below, as well as their debut stage on M Countdown.

In the meantime, check out their official Instagram by clicking HERE or visiting the label’s official Facebook page for more information by clicking HERE.

Kim (Paradoxicalsuds) is a writer for What the Kpop and has been a devoted K-Pop fan for almost ten years. An avid SNSD, GOT7, FTIsland, and AOA fan, Kim has been in love with K-Pop since the original debut of TVXQ. While she watches new MVs or K-Dramas on her laptop, Kim enjoys tea, begging for affection from her cat, making jewelry, and writing fiction. 

Media: KCONIC Entertainment


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