Former EXO Member Luhan Releases Raw, Emotional MV For “Catch Me When I Fall”

 Former EXO Member Luhan Releases Raw, Emotional MV For “Catch Me When I Fall”

From his recently released EP, “Xperience,” Chinese pop artist and former EXO member Luhan has fans on the brink of tears in his latest MV for “Catch Me When I Fall.

As emphasized in the music video, Luhan hopes viewers will not only focus on the music, but on the translated lyrics provided in the subtitles as well. The beautifully filmed scenes express the theme of the song, which revolve around the artist’s growth and struggles throughout the last few years.

Luhan watches as the days and nights go by and deeply ponders about the paths he has chosen in life and the subsequent outcome of his choices. He directs attention to lyrics like “it’s hard to confess all the weakness … even they are more than I could take” and the repeated “who’s gonna catch me when I fall.” On a positive note, towards the end of the song, he assures himself, “When I’m tired of the sky, someone will catch me when I fall.”

With an emotional plot that all fans can relate to, along with carefully crafted music and lyrics concerning his perception of life, the song will be endlessly on repeat. Watch his newest MV here and tell us how you felt about the song and video in the comment section below!

Meanwhile, Luhan is in the middle of filming 2017 drama, “Fight of the Destiny” and will star in a new film called “The Ferryman,” which is scheduled for release on December 26th of this year.

Sarah (sapphir3bluu) is a writer for WTK from Las Vegas and fond of cats, k-pop, and singing. She enjoys learning new languages and is manager of Super Junior fanbase, WorldwideELFs, but has also done subbing work for EXO. If you don’t find her being slowly consumed by BTS, GOT7, NCT, and ASTRO, she is aspiring to go to graduate school and work in the health care field.

Media: Luhan Studio

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