WTK Review: THE FACE SHOP’s Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

 WTK Review: THE FACE SHOP’s Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

Hello, my Kbeauty’s! I am back with another cosmetic review. I’m Min, here to give you all the latest Korean beauty tips and tricks.

Today, I will be reviewing THE FACE SHOP‘s Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask. It is approximately $12.99 USD. It is said to be made from the actual roots of the raspberries and is supposed to be an easy way to moisturize your face.

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I have to admit that I wasn’t too sure about this product at first.  It comes in a plain, white tube and it is neatly packaged. This product is liquid based and has a more of a strawberry smell in my opinion. I have to say it is kind of a strange texture, more of a gel-like product than a cream or liquid. Please be warned that this is not the product for you if you have super oily skin or sensitive skin.

Here’s the basic information about this product:

  • Ingredients include raspberry roots from the Himalayas. These are rich in anti-oxidants and essential to promote collagen synthesis.

  • The three main features of this line are lifting the skin, tightening pores and supplying hydration and minerals.

  • It includes only a few easy steps: “Apply, sleep and wash.” According to the brand, you can instantly tighten pores and re-contour the skin that lacks resilience.


I have to say that I was not too keen on this product. While it did make my face a bit softer after the first initial application, my face was really dry just hours after using the product. I ended up having to use my Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner from THE FACE SHOP for the moisture I needed. Also, I saw no point in having to wash off the product after it dried up , while most masks (especially sleeping masks) advise you to leave it on. This was an added step that no one needs in their beauty routine.


Overall, I don’t recommend this product for combination skin. This product is definitely geared more towards people with really dry skin that need the moisture. If you have sensitive skin however, your cheeks will feel itchy. After trying this product three different times, I was never fully satisfied with the texture of my skin. I felt like the Chia Seed Mist did a way better job with three sprays of the mist than the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask did overall.

Do I recommend this product ? Unfortunately not! After hours of having to leave the product on and then wash it off, my combination skin got really dry (much like when you are in the heat too much and you see grimy, dead skin come off when you rub your face). For a product meant to moisturize, this one just didn’t live up to my expectations.


While I love a lot of products from THE FACE SHOP, this is unfortunately not one of them. For moisturizing, you can try THE FACE SHOP’s Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner (available for approximately $15.00 USD). If you prefer a sleeping mask though, you can try the affordable It’s Skin OverNight Sleeping Mask Pack.

Have you tried this product before? If so, what do you think? Did it work for your skin? Let us know below!

Min (unnijazumine) is a WTK writer with a deep love and fascination of all things Korean. She is a big fan of Kpop, Kdramas and Korean beauty products. She enjoys newer Kpop groups like BTS, B1A4, B.A.P and Teen Top, but she also enjoys classic Kpop groups like SHINHWA, Wonder Girls and g.o.d. She also loves the solo artists Dean and Crush. When she isn’t out trying new Korean food and drinks, she is busy working or studying for a career in music. Stay tuned for more reviews by Min.

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