WTK Review: THE FACE SHOP Melting Color Lip Creamer (Kakao Friends Edition)

 WTK Review: THE FACE SHOP Melting Color Lip Creamer (Kakao Friends Edition)

Welcome to another Kbeauty review with Min. With Min, you can get exclusive tips and reviews right here at What The Kpop!

Today, I will be talking to you about THE FACE SHOP‘s new line of adorable products made with Kakao Talk. The Kakao x THE FACE SHOP line ranges from creams to deodorant, face masks to makeup.


I had the honor of getting my hands on one of their lip products called “melting color.” I purchased an adorable, peach-ish pink color called “Cute Frodo.” Yes, you heard right! If you use the Kakao Talk app, you will know the cute brown pup that look so squishy and cute (and is on my lip creamer).

The Kakao line of lip creamers comes in five different colors, while the regular Melting Color lip line comes in eight different colors ranging from Rose Quartz to Forever Mandarin.



The lip creamer comes in different shades and is, I have to say, truly creamy. The lip creamer is about $12.00 USD normally, but right now you can find the entire Kakao x THE FACE SHOP line on sale at ibuybeauti (links below). The lip creamers come in a cute package, each with a different Kakao character. I have to say there are not that many choices available, but this particular cute pink/peach shade suits me perfectly. The texture was smooth and creamy. It made me feel like a little girl again and brought to mind the days when we would all buy those fruity lip glosses or lip balms. Most whipped-style lipsticks really aren’t that creamy and tend to dry up not long after application. This lip creamer stays true to its name though and keeps a lovely, creamy finish for a good six hours after first being applied. It’s perfect for a typical day-to-day look and doesn’t run either.


This lip creamer was amazing! I rate it an 8 out of 10. I actually bought this product for my birthday, and it ended up being perfect. Korean beauty products come in a pretty wide variety of pink shades. While they may not suit all skin tones, they still tend to be pretty great shades for everyday wear. I think that this color is really nice and would look good on people with a variety of skin tones. Overall though, the product was amazing. I was a little surprised it was such a nice product since some color items look great in the tube but are disappointing once applied.

I would definitely purchase this item again and would also try it in a different shade!

Image result for recommend logo pink

For the full line of Kakao x THE FACE SHOP products, click here. For the full line of Melting Color lip creamers, then please click here for the regular color line and here for the Kakao line.

Have you tried this product before? If so, what do you think?

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  • I loved the review. Great job Min. I will surely get my hands on these lovely goodies as soon as possible.

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