The Top 5 Saddest Moments From “Boys24”

 The Top 5 Saddest Moments From “Boys24”

As a huge fan of the show “Boys24,” I knew I had to make a post about these amazing , talented young men! “Boys24” is a reality show much like “Produce I.O.I” but, in my opinion, much more intense.  The showed aired weekly on Mnet and tvN, with each episode lasting almost an hour and a half. After eight, in-depth and intense episodes, the candidates were narrowed down to the final 24 who were crowned winners and made their official debut.

With many highs and lows, there were several moments that stood out for their raw emotion and made fans cry as they watched the journey. Let’s get started and check out the top five saddest moments from “Boys24.”


#5 – Insoo

I think seeing Insoo leave the show after being brought back for a second chance was horrible! He had suffered so much and seeing him eliminated again was too heartbreaking for fans . He was actually part of Girl’s Day‘s brother group MP6, but sadly it didn’t end well for him. He then went on to try to sign with a different agency, only to end up in debt and scammed. He finally got a chance on the show ‘Boys24″ after joining as a trainee with Fandango, but still ended up eliminated when all was said and done. I think, in my opinion, he is just better off solo. He was one of Vasco’s favorite rappers and was praised a lot in the show for his rapping skills. Sadly, it ended a little too early for this talented young guy.

Check out Insoo rapping an original song on the show.


#4 – David

I really loved David’s soulful style of music, but he was so out of place on the team with whom he was placed. I also felt bad that no one wanted to let him shine until it was almost the end, and therefore too late. In the end, he was sadly eliminated. It really hurt me when they said “Tae Yang shines on stage. You don’t ” I was like, “Wait a second! He is not Tae Yang and it’s unfair to compare the two.” It was sad to see him go, and I know many fans felt the same.


#3 – Leaders and Team Members Decide Who Leaves

The brutal battle of deceiving your team and friends was a difficult thing for fans to watch. I felt so bad for everyone involved, and it was just a shock that the team and leader had to choose which member would leave. In the end, the team leader had the last say on who they would eliminate. It was just so sad for everyone involved as they dealt with the heavy weight of having to choose one person. The rule was indeed a twisted one.


#2 – Trading Songs Last Minute

I thought it was rude (and sad as well) that the yellow team had to trade songs at the last minute. This team already had a member that was half deaf and was learning how to sing. So after all their preparation, it didn’t sit well with viewers to see them have to switch songs last minute. I was glad they were able to come out as strong at ever though and still give an amazing performance!


Unit Yellow singing SHINee‘s “Dream Girl”


#1 – Hongbin’s New Challenge

Hongbin, I have to say, completely touched my heart! This talented young guy was deaf and could not sing at the beginning of the show. He was an amazing dancer however, and his spirit immediately showed that he was one of those amazing people that you just know are special.  He started out as not being able to sing due to his disability, but was able to overcome this challenge with the help of his unit leader. Throughout all the hardships, he managed to accomplish so much during his inspiring journey and went on to become one of the boys to debut at the end of the show. I still cry watching him sing Kyuhyun‘s beautiful song “At Gwanghwamun.”


I hope you’ve enjoyed this special focus on the show “Boys24. If you have not watched the show yet, then I apologize for the spoilers. Even if you know some of the outcome though, it is still a show I definitely recommend you watch. It was an amazing show and very heartbreaking as well. Each one of the guys worked hard and did their best to get what they wanted in life. One thing we can all learn from these shows is that life is about taking chances! Even if you fail, at least you tried. Even if you fail once though, you still shouldn’t give up and should just keep moving forward to accomplish your dreams instead.

Check out the video that the contestants of “Boys24” released as a group! We wish them all the greatest success and many wonderful opportunities in the future.

Min (unnijazumine) is a WTK writer with a deep love and fascination of all things Korean. She is a big fan of Kpop, Kdramas and Korean beauty products. She enjoys newer Kpop groups like BTS, B1A4, B.A.P and Teen Top, but she also enjoys classic Kpop groups like Shinhwa, Wonder Girls and g.o.d. She also loves the solo artists Dean and Crush. When she isn’t out trying new Korean food and drinks, she is busy working or studying for a career in music.

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